Photography by Masako Nakagawa

和泉 侃

Installation / Scent Design & Direction

「感覚の蘇生」をコンセプトに、身体感覚の変化を生み出す作品を探求するアーティスト。 2011年から香りを使ったスペースデザインを専門とする企業に所属し、5つ星ホテルや様々なジャンルの店舗空間を香りで設計するプロジェクトに携わる。 2015年により本格的に作家として活動を開始し、インスタレーションの制作発表のほか、空間や製品における香りのデザインやディレクションを手がける。 2017年に淡路島に拠点を移し、植物の生産、収集、蒸留などの原料製造から、調香やボトリングのプロダクトアウトまでの過程を一貫する取り組みをはじめる。

Kan Izumi

Installation / Scent Design & Direction

Grounded in the concept of “sensory revitalization,” he is an artist who explores works that create changes in physical sensations. Since 2011, he had worked for a firm specializing in scent-based space design, and has been involved in projects to design 5-star hotels and retail spaces of various genres with scent. In 2015, he began working as an artist in earnest, and in addition to presenting his installation works, has had his hand in the design and direction of scents in spaces and products. In 2017, he moved to Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, where he takes an integrated approach to the development of raw materials, from plant production, collection and distillation, to the productization process of blending and bottling.